from 25.00

3.5” tall

3” insertable

1” widest insertable point

5/8” neck

1 7/8” base

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Custom Single Color Option- Want something specific like mint green, puce, a metallic, your own skin tone or basically any color under the sun? We got you! Feel free to send an image of the color you want to so we can match it as close as possible.

Custom 2-Color Swirl Option- Any two colors you like! We recommend both colors as matte or both as shimmer. One matte and one shimmer looks kind of like toothpaste, but if that's your groove, we can deliver! Please specify which you want as the dominant color and the lesser color. Note- softer colors get lost when the dominant color is very dark. If you want something like a pastel pink and a dark purple, make the pink the dominant color so you can see it well, unless you just want a hint of it! Don't worry though, the dark purple will be seen even as the lesser color! If you want to send specific color images, email to with your order confirmation number in the subject heading.